Dynamic Trading sp.zo.o is committed to meeting your demanding requirements for quality electronic products and services offering new electronic solutions. Dynamic Trading sp.zo.o is a specialty reseller and distributor of electronic component products of the best quality.

Our portfolio of products include Healthcare, Metals & Scrap, Consumer Electronics, Petroleum Products and General Trading. We are proud to have grown into one of the most established consumer electronics trading companies in Romania.

Giving emphasis to the other half of Dynamic Trading sp.zo.o, this online portal can be used either way by prospective distributors, franchisees or sales agents who want to enter into the market by acquiring sales orders for concerned companies. Here, they may find a database of various companies dealing in their respective domain.

As a complete online business solution, Dynamic Trading sp.zo.o is apparently best suited for those who want to grow their business in a profound, cost-effective, and hassle-free way. Be it the need of distributors to establish themselves in the market or companies seeking distributors, this online entrance will surely help each one of them with a genuine and informative listing of crucial information.

The platform is designed to not only enhance the business proficiency of various companies but also give them sufficient space to establish their network across the globe.

Our Mission is to provide quality products at the best price/service, maintain or decrease your standard costs, increase our customer’s knowledge of opportunistic industry trends and create a long-term partnership with electronics manufacturing companies seeking the best possible solutions to reduce costs and increase manufacturing productivity!

We work with experienced experts in the market, which makes us able to offer our partners competitive deals at the best prices possible. Dynamic Trading sp.zo.o equals full service, on-time delivery, and smooth transactions. Having said that, vast knowledge and real-time experience of Dynamic Trading sp.zo.o in managing an online business will certainly grab the eyeballs of various companies looking for distributors, franchisees or sales agents in their respective area to click Trading sp.zo.o.

A “Reseller” is any company that sells a product or service not owned or manufactured by themselves.